Greg Chilcott's family has lived in the beautiful Bitterroot Valley since 1864. He is very aware of the unique issues facing Ravalli County. Greg grew up on a small family ranch
in Stevensville, and understands the concerns facing our agricultural and timber community. His career has spanned many years in both the public and private sectors.

After graduating from Stevensville High School he earned his B.S. degree in Secondary Education from Western Montana College in Dilllon. Greg and his wife Vickie have seven children and seven grandchildren.

Greg has worked in management positions for over 25 years and has served the citizens of Ravalli County since December 2002 as County Commissioner.

As your Commissioner he:
  • has worked to improve the fiscal position of Ravalli County by nearly doubling the capital reserve fund
  • recognizes that it is absolutely critical to support the Sheriff’s Office budget concerns and has worked to meet unmet needs by increasing the Sheriff’s budget by nearly one million dollars
  • worked to implement an aggressive dust abatement program to reduce the fugitive dust particulate from our gravel roads
  • actively supported funding for the Council on Aging and their new facility
  • aggressively supported the passage of the Open Lands bond
  • represented Ravalli County and Montana in Washington D.C. on Secure Rural School funding issues with the National Forest Counties & Schools Coalition
  • supported increasing the County Attorney’s Office ability to prosecute crime by increasing their budget by nearly $150,000
  • was elected to Montana Joint Powers Trust Board of Trustees to deliver health care insurance to public entities in Montana and Wyoming
  • serves on the Montana Association of Counties Executive Board and Workers Compensation Board of Trustees
  • maintained a balanced budget
  • introduced a successful progressive plan to reduce Workers Compensation rates and claim frequency
  • worked with Commissioner Alan Thompson to initiate energy-saving program designed to pay for itself through energy savings

Greg has served his neighbors and community as a Stevensville School Board Trustee, a volunteer EMT and firefighter, planned for successful response to disasters as the Disaster & Emergency Services Coordinator for the Ravalli County Sheriff’s Office, serves as board member for Bitterroot Youth Home.

Serving as a Ravalli County Commissioner involves more than land-use planning and zoning. True, zoning is an important contemporary issue, but there are many other important issues facing Ravalli County citizens. Local economic development is absolutely critical to Ravalli County’s future.

Recruiting and retaining high-quality employees.   Ravalli County is blessed to have over 200 dedicated full-time employees serving our needs.  Our employees are neighbors, members of our churches, coaches of youth athletics.

Participating with the state agencies, federal agencies, state legislature and Congress requires finesse, patience and experience.